Houston to Cooperstown: The Houston Astros’ Biggio and Bagwell Years

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The Houston Astros went 50 years without a Hall of Fame inductee until Craig Biggio became their first, followed two years later by Jeff Bagwell, arguably the two most influential and memorable players in Astro history. They helped lead the team to their first ever, and only, World Series game. Both spent their entire careers with the team and had amazing batting statistics that would make them memorable on any team. To the Houston Astros, though, they weren’t just memorable, they were part of the Killer B’s, a group of players that all had last names beginning with B that helped make the Astros famous in Texas.

The author explores both Biggio and Bagwell’s legacies with stories from the stands, teammates, his own announcing days, and the players themselves. The book chronicles the two men as they traveled with the team and made Houston history.

  • Houston to Cooperstown The Houston Astros Biggio and Bagwell Years

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