Three Reasons to Consider Baseball Free Agents

baseball free agents

One of the hottest topics in baseball free agency is starting a team. Although the Boston Red Sox have made a strong run over the last two seasons, their interest in Chris Sale should be tempered by his lackluster start in the recent World Series. While there are many potential reasons to keep a starting pitcher, free agency is the easiest way to make a team more competitive. Here are three reasons to consider free agency for your next team.

Unlike in NFL or NBA free agency, free agents in baseball are allowed to sign with any team. Players have the option of engaging in negotiations with interested teams and signing contracts at market value. Some players decide to test the market and come back to their former teams. This is not a bad idea for your team, but it also makes it difficult for your former teammates to offer compensation. If you’re looking for a starting pitcher, consider Jose Iglesias. His slick fielding skills and ability to hit doubles are worth considering. Alcides Escobar is a catcher who also has the ability to field the ball.

The last major problem with baseball’s free-agent system is the lack of transparency and fair compensation for players. The current system makes it difficult for players to find a new team, and the players have little control over their destiny. Despite the high-profile nature of free agency in baseball, it is still difficult to predict the outcome of free agent deals. If a player has a great contract and a good salary, he will be able to make it.