Baseball Spring Training 2021

baseball spring training 2021

Major League Baseball is directing teams to sell tickets in groups of two, three, and four, and to limit groups to about six feet in size. There will also be rules governing the use of masks and hand-washing stations, as well as social distancing. The goal is to create a safe environment for the players and fans alike. The baseball spring training schedule is available at But there are some questions still lingering.

One of the biggest questions is whether Major League Baseball will still play in spring training after the current lockout. While the league is considering an expanded playoff format for next year, it has never been clear whether it will be a one-time thing or a continuing trend. The MLB’s current plan is to have a 14-team postseason format, but the MLB Players Association wants to keep the current 12-team format. If this is the case, Vacchelli’s wish would be fulfilled.

The league is working with the union to agree on a shorter spring while keeping Opening Day on March 31. This will still allow players to practice and play, but it may mean fewer games and modified roster limits. But it will certainly make baseball spring training 2021 much more interesting. And it may even make the pandemic less of an issue. A longer spring will allow players to recover from the effects of the pandemic while still maximizing their potential.