Rawlings 2020 Raptor USA Youth Baseball Bat, 27″ (-10)

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IDEAL FOR AGES 10 AND UNDER, the Raptor USA Youth Baseball Bat delivers power and balance and is ideal for entry level players trying to learn the gameQUICK BAT SPEED due to the ultra-light drop weightMAXIMIZED SWEET SPOT AND SMOOTH SWING thanks to the X-Tended Sweetspot and 2 1/4 inch barrelDURABLE, RESPONSIVE ALLOY with a vibrant electric blue and lime green design that will help young players stand out on the fieldAPPROVED FOR USE IN ALL USA BASEBALL SANCTIONED LEAGUES-10 Drop Weight. The higher the drop weight, the easier it will be to swing. (Drop Weight = Bat Length (inches) subtracted from Bat Weight (ounces))

UPC: 083321604010
Model Number: USZR10-27/17