Proper Posture For Baseball Hitting

Before you begin to swing a baseball bat, the first thing you should do is familiarize yourself with the correct posture. The natural mechanics of hitting a baseball include the hands and arms pointing directly towards your target. Once the pitcher gives you the signal, your body should be at a ninety degree angle at the hips and knee in order to receive and allow the ball to travel in the direction of the target. As you swing, the weight of the body should always remain centered on the balls of your feet. Keeping that weight in your feet will keep your balance. When you do not keep the weight centered, you are susceptible to a front foot strike and can easily end up with a weak contact. If you attempt to hit a baseball with your front foot forward, the hitter will over-swing and his/her body will drop to the baseball causing it to break the bat.

Hitting a baseball requires stamina and strength. When a hitter is weak, he/she will feel a constant resistance to hitting the ball. The best hitters in the world tend to get the most out of their muscle. Having a strong grip will help you maintain your strength and make hitting a baseball a breeze.

The proper hand position should be between the ball and the shortstop. Try not to forget about the rubber in the middle of the outfield. When you strike a baseball, you will feel an adrenaline rush that happens due to the muscle contractions. Remember to keep your head down and just practice hitting. This way you can master the basics of the game and once you feel comfortable, then you can learn more advanced hitting techniques such as hitting for power.